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Who we are?

Target Research is a Bishkek-based research and analysis company. It seeks to provide its partners and clients the best possible support in understanding business, political and broader societal processes and trends in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia. Proper research is critical at any stage of any significant enterprise, and here we are to help you succeed with top-notch data collection, analysis and advice. Target Research is accurate, transparent, and on target!

Our services


Target Research offers extensive experience in planning and conducting focus groups in different parts of Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia


National, household, customer and many other forms of opinion surveys. Target Research takes extra effort to ensure best-suited sampling and quality control.


In-depth interviews with leaders of industries, political figures, business owners or household members. Best suited to generate rich and nuanced knowledge.


Target Research offers in-depth desk study, including Internet research, literature review in English, Russian and Kyrgyz to best meet your research needs.

How we stand out?


Target Research is an independent and non-partisan research company. This is a basic requirement for any credible research institute, but easier claimed than practiced in certain parts of the world. We claim and practice it.

Quality assurance

In a country where corrupt practices go well beyond public offices into broader society, ensuring quality of delivered research service is critical. We are adamant about delivering service in highest professional ways and manners.

Wide area of operation

Target Research is based in Bishkek, but delivers research services in Kyrgyzstan as well as in broader Central Asia. We particularly value existing professional contacts in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia and Tajikistan.

Team: the new generation

Target Research relies on a new generation of local scholars with training in the best universities of the world. We have what clients need: an in-depth sectoral expertise and a broad understanding of politics and society.

Recent projects

Family links and small business in Kyrgyzstan

The research started with twenty in-depth interviews with entrepreneurs from different industries ...
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Labor migration and development

The project studied the relationship between housing conditions, labour migration and economic ...
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Survey and focus groups on housing

This research project included national household survey in different oblasts of Kyrgyzstan ...
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