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Our market research services provide comprehensive insights into consumer behaviours, market trends, and competitive landscapes. Utilizing cutting-edge data analysis and field expertise, we help businesses understand their market and make informed strategic decisions.


Our program evaluation services focus on assessing the effectiveness and impact of various initiatives. Using frameworks such as OECD DAC criteria, we provide a comprehensive analysis of outcomes, offering insights for improvement and demonstrating the value and benefits of interventions in sectors like education, civil society development or healthcare.


We specialize in conducting opinion surveys and gathering valuable insights from diverse demographic groups in Central Asia. Our approach combines statistical rigour and non-partial understanding of political and social dynamics to represent public opinion on critical issues accurately. 


We assess political risk and its impact on programs and businesses operating in volatile or uncertain environments. Our services include in-depth research and analysis to provide insights into political risks, such as changes in government policies, social instability, and geopolitical tensions that may impact organizations’ reputation, performance, or operations.